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I bring a strong literary background to my design work with authors and publishers. I hope to facilitate the book's production by expanding possibilities through deep research, while guiding the project to the most effective and original visual presentation that will serve the content on its journey into the marketplace. My services include cover design, interior design, style sheets, typography, original art, promotional materials, launch postcards and posters, ISBN management, website support, printed collateral, copyediting and proofreading.

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Released in September 2018, the winner of the Airlie Prize, poet Sarah McCartt -Jackon's Stoneligjht.

 I can barely express what an impression this book and this poet have made on me. It is unlike any book of poetry I've ever encountered. Darkly beautiful, fiercely original, brightly inventive. The poems are in the vernacular voices of a coal mining family in 1930's Kentucky. Love, grief, penury, folk medicine, endurance, and superstition come alive in their hauntingly vivid voices.  These poems burn with light in the darkest of places. I warn you, it casts a spell.

I'm honored to be the designer for the cover and interior of the book, some samples of which appear here.  Visit this very gifted poet here:

Promotional Postcard

Title Page

Sample Poem

Stonelight has won the prestigious Weatherford Award. [Previous winners include authors such as Charles Frazier for Cold Mountain and Barbara Kingsolver for Flight Behavior, among many other amazing talents.] Also, Sarah McCartt-Jackson was the featured artist for the Kentucky Arts Council for the months of February and March 2019. Congratulations Sarah!

To see the evolution of images for this cover, visit  Design Brief: Stonelight.

From Airlie Press, Portland Oregon.

Table of Contents

riddle fish hook thorn key - kelly terwilliger

Airlie Press, 2017,  ISBN: 978-0-9895799-6-4

Back Cover


So pleased and proud to announce the publication of Kelly Terwilliger's latest book of poems RIDDLE FISH HOOK THORN KEY. It was a joy to collaborate on this superb collection.  I highly recommend it! Available from Airlie Press.

Kelly Terwilliger is making magic. Her fabulous poems, replete with search and mystery, the thoughtful meandering of wise eyes, peer under what we see and see more. The lost things come and go as they please. Here is presence of tenderness, infinite care and curiosity, shaping a richly vivid world we all would want to live in. Single poems like “Net, Sorrow, Cradle” may be with you forever. Her spirit! Her voice! It has restored my faith in words and I am a fan FOREVER.
— Naomi Shihab Nye

Table of Contents

Early Cover Draft

smithereens - ryan scariano 

Imperfect Press, 2014,  ISBN: 978-0-9894704-0-7

Launch Event Poster


Title Page

Sample Page

Front and back cover


Author photo: Beth C. Ford

Author photo: Beth C. Ford


partly fallen - deborah akers

Airlie Press, 2015,  ISBN:  978-0-9895799-1-9

Cover front and back spread

Book Release flyer


Promotional Flyer. Author photo: Beth C. Ford

Title Page

Sample Page

Author photo: Beth C. Ford

Author photo: Beth C. Ford


wish meal - tim whitsel

Airlie Press, 2016, ISBN: 978-09895799-4-0

Book release poster

Sample Page


Title Page

Table of Contents

Sample Page

Fine Letterpress Broadsides. Printed by hand on an antique Chandler & Price press.. Edition of 100.

Fine Letterpress Broadside


shimmer and drone - paulann petersen

Imperfect Press, 2012, Chapbook hand-sewn, numbered, sleeved in a title-plated envelope. Edition of 250. [Sold out.]

Book release flyer


Title Page and Colophon

Sample Page

Sample Page

Limited-edition Broadside