Design Brief : Stonelight

Stonelight by Sarah McCartt-Jackson from Airlie Press in Portland Oregon. Design by Beth Ford and Glib Communications.


Airlie Press in Portland Oregon released their latest title in September 2018. I was honored to be the designer for the cover and interior of Sarah McCartt-Jackson's Stonelight. 

This gallery shows the evolution of the cover, from the first roughs to the eventual decision. The poems deal with  love and loss in a 1930's coal miner's family. McCartt-Jackson is a hugely talented poet, and was a dream to work with! She resides in Kentucky, so alas, we haven't met. All our communication was via e-mail.

Only a fraction of the iterations are shown here. Thank you Airlie Press for trusting me with this sublime project. More about the book here.

SL Series D.jpg
SL B series3.jpg
SL B series2.jpg
SL B series.jpg
SL B series5.jpg
SL C series3.jpg
SL Series D7.jpg
SL Series D8.jpg