Nevada City

Riverhill Farmstand

2:00PM rolled into view, and I seized the moment to escape the office and visit a local farmstand that is open on Wednesday afternoons in the summer. It was perfect weather for a top-down, country road ramble up and over Cement Hill Road and three miles out to Riverhill Farm. Completely pretty, rural, California oak savannah and mixed conifer forest, the old sportscar humming along, sunlight winking through the trees. 

The farm itself is a large operation in a pristine setting. They supply local restaurants and sell at local farmer's markets. The pick-your-own strawberries were implausibly perfect and ridiculously abundant. Also grabbed freshly cut lettuce, chard, turnips, yellow squash, zucchini, and basil. 

I was glad I had my wide-brimmed hat with me as the July sun was strong when I was picking.


I was back at work an hour later, having returned with a gorgeous basket of organic local fruit and vegetables. I plan to visit again next week. -b

Beth Ford