Nevada City

Saturday Market

About four blocks walk from my apartment, every Saturday morning, the Nevada County Growers have an open market from 8:30 to 1pm. This morning was overcast and cooler, which made the amazing produce look even fresher than it was, if that is possible. Truly beautiful!! I filled my basket with vine-ripened tomatoes, a fragrant 'Ambrosia' melon, arugula, rainbow chard, and fresh-baked bread. I filled my camera with the eye-popping colors of organically grown fruits and vegetables, flowers and herbs. Fresh-caught, never-frozen fish was also on offer, also sustainably-raised meats and charcuterie, along with local honey and many artisan crafts.

The bread pictured below is baked by a french woman, from old-world grains, milled by hand. Also on display were Bergamot Madelines, Peach Cake, Rye loaves, Baguettes, and jam-filled cookies, ALL of which I managed to resist with my iron will. I did pick up a hot latte from my favorite spot, The Fox Hounds Coffee House, on the walk home with my heavy basket. Perfect!

Every organic grower and farmer has their own way of arranging and displaying their bounty, each seemingly more beautiful than the last. Peppers and squash of every kind were in great abundance, and so were melons of impressive size and color.

The citizens are as colorful as the vegetables. Everyone carries bright baskets. Folk music wafts through the scene, with artisan fresh coffee, chai, kambucha offered (but, to me, the welcome absence of greasy-spoon food trucks.) 

Beth Ford